About JCA

Get to Know Cambodia

- We hold seminars to provide the latest information on Cambodia's economy and politics.

- We distribute important news through newsletters.

Exchange Among Members

- There are social events and activity report meetings for JCA members to interact with each other.

Matching with Private Companies

- We provide a platform for interaction between Cambodian companies interested in collaborating with Japanese companies (concurrently with business investment inspection teams).

- We plan to create additional matching opportunities as well.

Strengthening Collaboration with Government Agencies

- We annually hold business investment inspection teams and have meetings with various Cambodian government ministries and agencies.

- When Cambodian government ministers visit Japan, we host meals and events.

  • *The above information is basically limited to members only.
    In addition, if you wish to perform services other than those listed (surveys, consulting, other services), we will estimate the labor costs, etc. according to the actual number of man-hours.

Our Mission

Support Japanese companies in registration procedures as well as business expansion.


Promote mutual understanding between Japan and Cambodia and deepen their friendly relationship


Promote projects related to exchanges between the two countries in the economy, science and technology, culture, education, sports, and other fields.


Build a platform that connects small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions in both Japan and Cambodia, and build up a track record of collaboration between the two countries by supporting public-private collaboration.

Business Platform


Establishment of Local Corporations or Organizations

  • Accounting Firm
  • Bank
  • Law Firm

Business Startup Preparation and Related Matters

  • Real estate (office)
  • Construction
  • Warehouse

Primary Industry / Material Procurement and Related Matters

  • Agriculture
  • Fishing industry

Secondary Industry / Manufacturing and Processing

  • Agricultural Processing Industry
  • Manufacturing

Tertiary Industry / Expanding Sales Channels and Related Matters

  • Advertisement
  • Wholesale / Retail
  • Web application development
  • Marketing consultant

Quaternary Industry / Ennovation

  • Education
  • AI & Iot
  • Beauty / Health

About the Japan Cambodia Association

Promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Cambodia, and deepening their friendly relations.

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In recent years, Cambodia has achieved peace, political stability, and sustained high economic growth. As a result, Japanese companies have increased their investments in Cambodia, including small and medium-sized enterprises, demonstrating a growing interest in and contributions to Cambodia's development. The role of our association has become increasingly important.

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Cambodia Overview

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia and is a country with diverse topography and rich nature.Economic growth is remarkable in urban areas, and the situation is changing daily.
Our association summarizes and disseminates the latest information on the Cambodian economy, investment policy, and relations with Japan in an easy-to-understand manner.

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For those of you who are interested in Cambodia,
we sincerely look forward to your membership.
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