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We sincerely look forward to your enrollment.
Please read our membership fee rules and regulations and complete and submit the membership application form.

Membership regulations

Based on the provisions of Articles 6 and 8 of the Articles of Incorporation, the rules regarding procedures for joining and withdrawing membership are as follows.

Article1: Application for membership

To apply for regular membership, please submit a membership application form with the following items to JCA staff.
(1) Name or title
(2) Department and name of person in charge
(3) Contact address
(4) Contact telephone number
(5) Contact FAX number
(6) E-mail address
(7) Intention to apply for membership and date

Article 2: Approval of the Board of Directors

Based on the application form, if the applicant is deemed suitable for membership, the membership will be approved. The Society will then notify the applicant of its approval or disapproval, and the applicant will become an active member.
2. Upon approval in the preceding paragraph, the applicant becomes a regular member.  Please note that we will not be able to answer the reason for non-approval.

Article 3: Notification of Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw from the membership, please submit a withdrawal form to JCA, indicating the following items
(1) Name or title
(2) Title and name of the person in charge
(3) Intention to withdraw from the membership and the date

Article 4: Member List

Members who join the association shall be registered in the membership list.
With regard to information concerning individual members registered in the membership list, the Society shall fully respect the wishes of the individual member with regard to whether or not the information should be made public.

Article 5: Exclusion of anti-social forces

JCA may terminate this Agreement without notice if any of the following is found to be the case with a member
(1) Criminal syndicate
(2) Criminal syndicate
(3) Associate member of a CRIMINAL SYNDICATE
(4) a company affiliated with a CRIMINAL SYNDICATE
(5) Persons who have been a member of a criminal syndicate for less than 5 years after ceasing to be a member of the criminal syndicate
(6) A person who is a social activist, such as a general meeting house, or a special intelligence violent group, etc.
(7) Other persons similar to the above.

JCA may terminate this agreement without any notice if a member engages in any of the following acts
(1) Violent demanding behavior
(2) Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility
(3) Threats or acts of violence related to transactions
(4) Interfering with JCA’s business
(5) Any other acts in accordance with the preceding items.

Article 6: Supplementary Provisions

In addition to what is stipulated in these rules, necessary matters shall be determined separately by the Chairman.

Basic policy regarding anti-social forces

JCA declares the following basic policy to prevent damage caused by groups that pursue economic gain through the use of violence and fraudulent methods.

(1) JCA shall take a resolute stance to sever all relationships with antisocial forces.
(2) In order to prevent damage caused by antisocial forces, the Association shall cooperate with external professional organizations such as the police and lawyers, and deal with such forces in an organized and appropriate manner.
(3) We will not accept any unreasonable demands from antisocial forces, and will take resolute legal action.
(4) We will not provide benefits or engage in backroom deals with antisocial forces.
(5) We will ensure the safety of board members and members who respond to undue demands by antisocial forces.

For applicants

For those who apply by mail

Please provide the following information and send to the contact e-mail address.
【Mentioned information】
(1) Name or title
(2) Department and name of person in charge
(3) Contact address
(4) Contact telephone number
(5) Contact fax number
(6) E-mail address
(7) Intention to apply for membership and date
【Contact address】

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